The purpose of the unit is to provide protection to the RF power amplifiers and/or radios due to damage to antenna systems or connection to inappropriate antennas. This can be used as a standalone product or in conjunction with our tunable filter and/or fixed filters.

 Engineering Test Model

Engineering Test Model

Technical Specifications

  • Blocking Switches
  • Switches are available in 4x4, 6x6, 10x10 and 12x12 configuration
    • Configurations up to 24x24 can be developed on request.
  • Latching and non-latching switches available (Latching is standard)
  • 2 –28V operating voltage
  • SMA input and TNC output connectors. Swappable on request.
  • Features front panel control, RSxxx USB and Ethernet communication
  • Frequency range DC -26.5GHz
  • Power rating 5kW @ 1-100MHz, 1kW @ 1-1Ghz
  • Suitable for land, sea and air operation
  • Option of 3103 or 3106 stainless steel housing


matrix switch software pic.JPG

The system is based on a distributed module concept permitting the user to configure the system so as to provide a means for the communications system to be in different locations there by reducing the possibility of the communication system being disabled due to damage in any one location.

Distributed System

  • A range of modules are available so as to permit a system developer to configure a robust system that can handle radio systems covering the following ranges.
    • HF
    • VHF
    • UHF
    • SHF
  • For other ranges up to 26.5 G Hz contact factory.

Hardware configurations

  • Matrix size up to 256 x 256 switches
    • Low power switches - 10W
    • Medium power switches - 400W
    • High power switches – 5kW
  • Power rating based on the HF signals derating at higher frequencies, refer factory for full specifications.
  • For extra high power switches contact factory.


  • Communication between the switching units & intelligent modules
    •  Dual Ethernet for R.F. switches
    •  Ethernet or USB between smart modules for control and fault reporting
    •  USB and RS232 (DB9) ports front panel access
  • For other protocols, consult factory

Software capability

  • Multi user access to system via Ethernet.
  • Local user via Ethernet, RS232 or USB.
  • Provide locking system to prevent critical system from being changed.
  • Help files to assist users to configure systems.
  • Training system included to assist in training new operators.
  • Recording a range of activity logs.
  • Provide a range of display options for showing current system configuration.

Testing Capabilities

  • Rear test access for each module.
  • BIT testing of each module.
  • Remote testing of power and or phase (option).
  • Diagnostic routines based on system configuration.
  • Alarms provided for system module and sub-system failures.
  • Automated reconfiguration provided.

Power supplies

  • Power requirements for matrix switches:
    • 110 V 60 Hz
    • 240 V 50 Hz
    • 24-28 V D.C.
    • 48 V D.C.
  • For other voltages consult factory.
  • Power loads consult factory.